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Alma 2014-8-1 17:24

After much preparation and anticipation, I attended Yakumo’s biggest summer festivals, Yakumo Shrine Festival, and Lantern Festival. I had been looking forward to these festivals for a long time.

The Yakumo shrine festival was filled with a lot of delicious food! My favourite snack looked like fried spaghetti. I don’t know what it was called, but I recommend it. There was also a booth where animals were being made out of candy. It was my first time to see someone make animals out of candy. It was amazing.


I watched Yakumo Junior High School’s brass band perform at Hapia. They were fun to watch. After a short time, I joined some music teachers from schools in Otoshibe to play some music there, too.  It was windy, so it was a little difficult for people to hear us play, but we enjoyed playing very much! Maybe next time we will try to play a concert indoors.


The next festival was the Lantern Festival. On Friday, I joined the Town Office team to do the Octopus Dance. We had been preparing for several weeks, so I was looking forward to the actual event a lot.


On Saturday, some Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) friends of mine came to join the festival with me, including Daneille, the ALT who works at Yakumo High School. In the evening, we watched some of the performances from the various teams at the Town Office. I tried to pick a favourite, but they were all so good! That night, we played the giant taiko drum. My friends were so surprised to see how big it was! It was one of the most exciting things any of us had ever tried.


Next year we all want to join the festival again.

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