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Samui Beya 2015

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Alma 2015-3-10 12:02

Last month, Yakumo held its annual Samui Beya matsuri. On Saturday night, I played some music with some excellent musicians and music teachers, and enjoyed the fireworks festivities with friends.

After an exciting time of making music, we went outside to get the last of the delicious barbequed scallops. Before closing down for the night, we made sure to make a few runs on the ice slide. The ice slide is probably my favourite part of this festival. That night, I lit a senko hanabi for the first time ever. It was so beautiful! I want to try it again.

The next day, I met with some friends to try the banana boat. I definitely thought I, or one of my friends, was going to fall off, but we held on tightly until the end. I recommend the banana boat.

Next, we tried some Yakumo beef, carrot mochi, and spinach mochi. Of course, everything we ate was delicious. We later joined the bingo game, and won some sweets and windshield wiper fluid.

Before heading home, we caught some mochi from the sky, in my new favourite Japanese traditional event, mochi throw.

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