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New Year's Around Japan

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Rebekah 2014-1-9 17:00

I recently got back from a trip to the south in Japan. It was a fun and relaxing trip full of delicious food and new experiences.

Our first stop was Okinawa. It was very warm, and the people were remarkably friendly. Although it was the cold season there, we still took the opportunity to go swimming in the ocean. It was a little chilly, but definitely worth it.

We visited the famous Churaumi Aquarium where we enjoyed a dolphin show, and saw the most magnificent whale sharks. I especially enjoyed watching the manatees. After the aquarium, we visited Pineapple Park where we learned many things while riding in a pineapple shaped car. We ate so much pineapple.

We learned a bit about the history of Okinawa at Nakijin Castle with a wonderful volunteer guide that we were very lucky to meet.

The next stop was Tokyo. We stayed in Asakusa, near Sensoji temple and the Sky Tree. Because it was around New Years, Sensoji temple was packed with people every day.


We made a couple of day trips to Odaiba where we visited Mega Web to see some concept cars, Oedo Onsen Monogatari to relax, and Joypolis to experience the super scary haunted story in the Room of Living Dolls, and some rides.



The third stop on our trip was Osaka. True to Osakan culture, we ate our way through the city, spending most of our time restaurant hopping. We made our own Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, and Kinako for Warabimochi. Everything was delicious.


We took a day trip to Kyoto, guided by a wonderful new friend from Osaka, Nozomi. We started at Fushimi Inari Shrine, where we decorated foxes and wrote our wishes on the back. The thousands of torii gates were awe-inspiring. Next, Nozomi surprised us with her favourite temple, Sanjusangen-do, followed by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shimogamo shrine.

I had a very wonderful and culturally enriching two weeks! Though after all the excitement, I look forward resting my head in Yakumo, at least for the next short while.

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