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Information 2016/10/12 アシュリーさんのAETブログ始まります 今年8月より、新たに八雲町のAET(英語指導助手)としてカナ... mariko-sato
Alma 2015/08/17 Hokkaido English Challenge This summer, I decided to start my summer vacation a litt... Alma
Alma 2015/07/17 Southern Hokkaido It has been a long time since my last post, so I&rsqu... Alma
Alma 2015/04/07 Spring Break For spring break this year, I went to the south of Japan.... Alma
Alma 2015/03/10 Samui Beya 2015 Last month, Yakumo held its annual Samui Beya matsuri. On... Alma
Alma 2015/01/16 New Year in Japan This year, I enjoyed a Japanese style New Year celebratio... Alma
Alma 2014/10/10 School Festivals  This month, Yakumo’s junior high scho... Alma
Alma 2014/09/05 Summer in Hokkaido To support some friends and enjoy some cultural exchange,... Alma
Alma 2014/08/12 Aomori During summer break, I visited Aomori with some ALT frien... Alma
Alma 2014/08/01 Festivals After much preparation and anticipation, I attended Yakum... Alma
Alma 2014/07/25 Obokodake When I first got to Yakumo, I heard about Obokodake and i... Alma
Alma 2014/06/24 The Races A few weeks ago, Yakumo held its annual Milk Road Race. I... Alma
Alma 2014/06/05 Yakumo Festivals Spring is here, and festival season is upon us. I recentl... Alma
Alma 2014/05/26 Sumo Fukushima-cho recently hosted its annual women’... Alma
Alma 2014/04/07 Hanami This Hanami season, I visited Tokyo and the Kansai Region... Alma
Alma 2014/03/17 Opening Performance Back in January, I was given the chance to play with an o... Rebekah
Etc 2014/03/10 Samui Beya Matsuri A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to enjoy my first S... Rebekah
Photo 2014/01/09 New Year's Around Japan I recently got back from a trip to the south in Japan. It... Rebekah
Etc 2013/10/16 Alma's Yakumo Adventures Begin Hello! This is Alma. I’m excited to join you as... t-nakamura
Rebekah 2013/07/30 Farewell Yakumo My year in Japan has gone by so fast! I will never forget... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/07/19 Postcards from Around the World Last time on my blog, I told you about the many people wh... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/07/11 Foreign Visitors in Yakumo Over the last year, I have brought people from all over t... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/07/04 Independence Day in America Today is Independence Day in America. Independence day is... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/07/01 Meet the AETs in Otobe and Mori! I am going to tell you about two of my friends, the Engli... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/06/27 Wearing a Kimono for the First Time Last Sunday, some members of the town English circle and ... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/06/17 Okinawa During Golden Week, my husband and I went to Okinawa. It ... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/06/03 Cherry Blossoms In English, hanami means "cherry blossom viewing... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/05/27 Sports Day This weekend I went to Yakumo Junior High School and Otos... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/03/27 Family Visit to Japan My husband's parents are my father in-law and my mother i... Rebekah
Rebekah 2013/03/14 English Spring Proverbs It is getting warmer and warmer in Yakumo. I thi... Rebekah


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